With many homeowners making the shift to more sustainable living options, a great way to do so is by implementing renewable energy management options to your property. Here at GC Electric, we have an array of options to make your home a more eco-friendly place. From solar panels to PWRCell Systems, our Energy Storage Systems will help the environment around you in no time. But there are more benefits that come with adding sources of renewable energy to your home beyond helping the environment. 

When adding these systems, you can now look forward to saving money on your utility bills. For example, when adding either a solar or wind energy system, it will take you about a decade to pay back the cost. After that, you can enjoy free energy for as long as you have the system. After all, there is going to be wind and sunshine. Getting into solar equipment is easier than ever, as the cost is at its lowest ever, making this a savvy investment for your home’s future.

And for all the businesses out there looking to switch to more eco-friendly options, the state of Pennsylvania will provide money to those who reduce their total energy consumption. GC Electric can help provide you with options that can achieve that, no matter if you are an office warehouse. Replacing ballasts and lamps will receive up to a $50 rebate, time clocks and timers up to $100, and occupancy sensors up to $45. 

To save money for your home and/or business today, get in touch with GC Electric to talk about installing an energy management option today. And, oh yeah, also help your local environment by serving as a sustainable place. Get in touch with us via our contact page to start talking about your next project