GC Electric takes care of your business’ electrical needs

Bring your Business up-to-date with Business Electrical services from GC Electric.

Electrical services for your business: 

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Electrical Code
  • Transformers and Motor Control
  • Electric, Fluorescent and neon sign repair & maintenance
  • Budget truck service work – up to 75 feet

Safety Upgrades for your Business:

  • UPS system Integration
  • Back-up generator systems
  • Electric radiant heat for concrete building entrances and walkways
  • Roof and gutter de-icing cables, including heat tape cables for water lines

Professional Electrical Services

  • Low-voltage control panels
  • Energy Management
  • Lighting design and layout
  • Excavation and trenching
  • Troubleshooting underground faults and wire location

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