Whether you choose to enjoy your pool or hot tub for relaxation, physical therapy, exercise or socializing, it’s essential that they be properly installed. If the electric is not professionally hooked up, as everyone knows, it can result in severe injuries because electric and water can be a dangerous combination. Your new hot tub or pool need the correct electrical connections installed so that the heater, pump and filtration systems can work effectively and efficiently. A professional electrician will also make sure everything is up to code.

The power requirements vary from hot tub manufacturers, the models and styles from unit to unit. Many of the smaller models can simply plug into a 15-amp, 120-volt ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. However, larger Jacuzzis or hot tubs may require a 50-amp, 240-volt feed to power the pump motors and associated heaters that may be installed. They are also typically hardwired to a junction box within the access panel under the unit.

Hot tubs most importantly require proper grounding and bonding, to avoid potential electrocution hazards. There are three mandatory grounding and bonding requirements; Water Bond, Equipotential Grounding Ring, and equipment grounding conductor. Please contact GC Electric for more information on grounding and bonding requirements for your hot tub before purchasing or installing your hot tub.

What About Hot Tub or Swimming Pool Lighting?

Having sufficient lighting in and around your pool and hot tub area is crucial, particularly if you intend on using them when at night. And let’s face it, everyone looks better in just the right light! We can help you create just the right mood with various lighting options.

GC Electric Company. Our experienced licensed electricians specialize in household electric upgrades, hot tub, and pool wiring. Our electricians will provide you with the best work, and advise you based on the needs of your outdoor living space and home.

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