At GC Electric, we provide an array of services for residential areas as well as commercial & industrial businesses. If you are looking for more energy efficient solutions, then off-grid systems might be for you. An off-grid energy system is usually not connected to a power grid, allowing them to stand alone. Because of its ability to operate solo, off-grid systems can be used for a mix of other energy saving systems, like wind or solar energy.

Benefits of Off-Grid systems

The benefits to shifting toward renewable energy sources are helpful for both the environment and whatever building you are powering. Not only are you provided with a stable, plentiful source of energy, but with almost no global warming emissions, you also are bettering the world around you. You also no longer have to run the risk of possible power outages, as with an off-grid system, your power setup will not be tied to your local area’s source. So have no fear of Mother Nature, as storms will not have an impact on your home’s ability to produce power. And from a cost perspective, think of an off-grid system as an investment. After your initial payment, you will begin to save money on the cost of your electricity, something that will add up positively in the long run.

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Switch To an Off-Grid system today!

If you are looking to switch to an off-grid system, GC Electric is here to help install it, as well as install a bank of batteries. These batteries will store any left over power during the generation process, and will allocate it when your other renewable sources are not producing any power. Thinking about an extra safety net? We also have Generac Backup Battery Systems, which acts similar to generators in the off chance the grid goes. Want to shift to this renewable energy source? Get in touch with us today via our contact page to start the process toward more sustainable power!