Go Green With Money-Saving

Energy Management

Let G-C Electric Co. Inc. show you how to save on your utility bills! Take advantage of easy and cost-effective energy management opportunities, including government-sponsored energy rebate programs and tax credits.

Rebates and Tax Credits Available

When you install a solar or wind energy system on your property, you’ll pay back the cost of the system in 10 years, after which you’ll enjoy decades of FREE energy. Become energy independent. The sun and wind are always free! With solar equipment at its lowest cost ever, now is the time to harvest the sun’s energy. Call G-C Electric Co. Inc. at 610-797-3500 and ask for a FREE consultation. We’ll show you all the ways energy management can work for you!

Get your PA Act 129 Energy Rebate

Old and dim lighting runs up your electric bill, but the state of Pennsylvania will pay you to improve your lighting and reduce your total energy consumption! As a PPL power company-approved direct discount contractor, G-C Electric Co. Inc. can help your business go green. We will replace outdated lighting with T8’s, T5’s, and high-efficient LED in offices, warehouses, and parking lots. Experience even bigger savings with new light fixtures that offer even bigger rebates.