If you own or are considering purchasing an older homeindustrial, commercial property, or remodeling basement or garage, one of the most important renovations necessary is an electrical upgrade in order to in order to use any modern appliances. Without upgrading, and/or rewiring, items such as commercial refrigeration systems, microwave ovens, air conditioning systems, hair dryers, hot tubs and electronics, will overpower the circuits and are potential fire hazards, in addition to not being operable. To ensure safe operation, the following should be done:

  • Upgrade the main service panel to at least 100 amps.
  • Install dedicated circuits in the service panel for each major appliance.
  • Space the electrical outlets 6-8 feet apart throughout the home or commercial property. This will eliminate the need to run extension cords, which would be a fire hazard.
  • When installing new outlets, be sure to install only three-prong outlets to avoid electrical shocks.
  • Install outlets with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFIs) wherever you need them; in kitchens, bathrooms, industrial spaces and outdoors. These outlets will shut themselves off in the event they get wet; to prevent electrical shocks.

Upgrading and rewiring the main service panel should be completed by a licensed electrician. Additionally, rewiring and upgrading electric may require a permit from your city.
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