Wall-mounting your flat screen TV is a great way to view your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, play games, for business conferences and presentations, not to mention adding space to a crowded room. Before proceeding, here are some important things to consider:

    • Location. Find the best spot in your room where you have the best angle and can comfortably watch without glare.
    • Fireplace. Above the fireplace can be a good location. However, if it’s a wood-burning fireplace, not so much! The fire generates heat and smoke, which in the long run, is not good for the TV.
    • Wall studs. Regardless how light you think your monitor is, it’s heavier than you think and if your TV isn’t hung properly it will wind up on the floor. Drywall anchors won’t work. This is where a stud finder comes in handy.
    • TV components. Most families have a number of items hooked up to their TV: game consoles, cable boxes, computers, etc. Therefore, you have to make sure the components reach the TV’s output ports.
    • Concealing cords. You’ve spent time and energy getting your interior just right, you don’t want to have an ugly cord trailing down your wall to the wall socket.

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