Do you need a terrific and convenient way to illuminate areas of your home or business? Occupancy sensors automatically turn on lights when someone enters a room or a space, then turn it off when they leave. Providing you with hands-free lighting; great for garages, mud rooms, laundry rooms, and offices when you have your hands full with groceries, sleeping babies, laundry, as well as work spaces. Not to mention rooms where lights are often accidentally left on.

The lights work based on motion detection. They are available in ceiling mount or wall switches. Occupancy sensors often offer the option to switch the sensor from automatic to manual. Vacancy Sensors require manual activation, then turn the lights off automatically soon after the area is vacated. A vacancy sensor does not offer the option of turning the lights on automatically.

Dimmer switches are also a brilliant alternative or can be used in conjunction with occupancy sensors, they allow you to regulate the amount of light in each area depending on the task lighting is needed. Many of the technologies available now provide coverage for major, minor and fine motion, making them ideal for most residential and commercial applications. Occupancy sensors and dimmer switches are a convenient way to save energy in your home or commercial properties.

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