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Renewable Energy Electrician

Model Home Design Studio Utilizing Wind Power

Wind Powered Systems

Wind power was primarily developed by the Dutch, who created windmills to pump excess water off of flooded land and to grind grain. Now it is seen as one of the most promising new energy sources and as a valid alternative to electricity generated by fossil fuels. Wind could provide 20% of America’s electricity even with wind turbines installed on less than 1% of America’s land. Find out how it could work for you! Contact us today.

Solar Panel Installation

Our sun, which is only an average star, is a fusion reactor that has been burning for over 4 billion years. It provides enough energy in 1 minute to supply the world’s energy needs for a whole year. People are harnessing the sun every day, so you don’t need to let it go untapped! Get our professional solar panel installation service.

Off-grid systems help increase your energy efficiency

Off-grid energy systems, which stand alone and are not usually connected to the power grid, can incorporate a combination of different renewable power systems, such as solar panels or wind energy. Working together, they can power a “green” or high-efficiency building, or power connected equipment.

We can help you not only install an off-grid system, but also build a bank of batteries to store excess power during generation and to distribute it during periods when your renewable sources are not generating power.

Renewables offer many benefits

  • Little to no global-warming emissions
  • Improved public health and environmental quality
  • A more reliable and resilient energy power system
  • Jobs and other economic benefits
  • A vast and inexhaustible energy supply

GC Electric Co. Inc. offers expert advice and service in renewable energy. We can help you harvest energy from sources that are not depleted, such as wind and solar, and let you reap the environmental and cost benefits!