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Trust the experts at GC Electric Co. with your Renewable Energy sources. GC Electric offers expert advice and service in renewable energy. We can help you harvest energy from sources that are not depleting – such as wind and solar power – and let you reap the environmental and cost benefits!

Solar Panel Installation

Our sun, which is only an average star, is a fusion reactor that has been burning for over 4 Billion Years. It provides enough energy in 1 minute to supply the world’s energy needs for a whole year. People are harnessing the sun’s energy every day, so you shouldn’t let it go untapped! Get professional solar panel installation services from GC Electric today!

PWRcell System

The new PWRcell system by Generac is a battery storage system for Home backup power. Usually coupled with solar panels to provide onsite battery charging, the PWRcell system is a great choice for your home’s Energy Storage System (ESS). The PWRcell home battery system stores solar energy harnessed by your home’s solar panels so that you will be able to use that stored power if and when the power grid fails, much like a traditional generator.

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