As a residential electrical company, GC Electric Co. Inc. is dedicated to maintaining your home’s electrical work. Keep your home updated with the latest technology and ensure safety with our budget-conscious electric repair services and maintenance. Our family-owned and operated business is based in Allentown, and we take pride in offering top-quality service with guaranteed results to your family. We specialize in various residential electrical upgrades to enhance your home’s safety and optimize electrical performance. Plus, if you require an emergency electrician, we provide quick solutions to your electrical needs. Some of our home electric improvements include:

Home re-wiring and additions

New home wiring

Service changes and upgrades, including 100amp, 200amp, 400amp, and above

Old exposed knob and tube wiring elimination

Whole-house surge protection

Code upgrades when you’re buying or selling your home

Back-up generator systems

Swimming pool wiring

Hot tub wiring

Electric car charging stations

Cable, phone and ethernet wiring

Professional wall-mount TV installation

Electric radiant heat in bathroom tile floors, outdoor sidewalks, and patios

Roof and gutter de-icing cables, including heat tape cable for water lines

Solar Installations

Electric water heater element and unit replacement

Lighting design and layout

Under-cabinet lighting

Landscape lighting

Troubleshooting underground faults and wire location

These electrical upgrades are going to help with many things, including selling your home. To get in touch with us, head over to our contact page and we will respond as soon as possible!