With winter quickly approaching, you should consider how efficient your electrical appliances and heating systems are operating. Will they be able stand up all season long?

When to call an electrician:

1. An obvious one is if your electrical circuit-breakers trip often or fuses blow frequently. The circuits are drawing more current than they can safely provide or it can be indicative of a dangerous fault on one or more circuits.
2. If you are considering doing major interior or exterior remodeling, as well as renovations that may include additions.
3. New industrial equipment purchases, exterior lighting, security systems, home automation systempools or hot tubs, may require special upgrades and grounding, especially if water is involved.
4. If you are buying an older home or commercial property, you need to have an electrician check to see if any electrical upgrades have been made, and if so, were they sufficient for your needs. Are the wires covered in cloth instead of plastic?
5. Unless your houseindustrial or commercial property was built in recent years, it’s more than likely that the electrical system needs upgrading or repairs. Many older properties won’t accept three-prong grounded plugs.
6. If outlets, switches or other electrical surfaces are warm or worse, hot to the touch, it may be circuit overload or old wiring.
7. Do you experience lights flickering or waning when larger appliances or HVAC systems may be drawing too much current and need to be on dedicated circuits?

We’re Ready for Any Electric Service or Upgrade You Need!

New electrical codes are there to make homes and businesses safer, so it’s important to keep up with the changes. In addition, with technology accelerating at fast pace, the need for power grows. If you think your home or business’s electrical system is lacking in any way, don’t hesitate to call us for the best professional help, so you don’t spend the season in the cold or the dark. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service.

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